current events -statements on immigration etc.

for those that are interested there will be a town hall at the Ford Performing Arts: This Wednesday (Feb 1) at  6PM
to talk about  all this andwhat we can do
It is being convened by the  ACLU and ACCESS

Welcome Mat is a searchable database of resources for refugees, immigrants, and volunteers. It provides links to dozens of other organizations, including legal agencies. Mary Lane, who runs the site, is incredibly helpful and has done a ton of legal work for immigrants and refugees in Detroit over the years.

American Civil Liberties Union:

Council on American-Islamic Relations:

National Immigration Law Center:

United We Dream: – See more at:

Letter from UMD Chancellor:

Dear colleagues and students,

Along with many of you, we are very concerned on behalf of our students, faculty, and staff at the implications of the executive order issued by the White House on Friday regarding entry to the United States by foreign-born persons, immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees. This sweeping order has created fear and anxiety among many of our students, faculty, and staff. It has also created hardship and uncertainty for individuals with valid work and study visas who happened to be out of the country at the time of the issuance of the order.
President Schlissel issued a strong and detailed statement Saturday expressing the university’s support for its faculty, staff, and students with respect to these issues. The statement can be found here on the university’s webpage. Several paragraphs bear quoting here:

Fostering an environment that promotes education and research at the highest levels is among my most important responsibilities as the University of Michigan’s president. The leadership of the university is committed to protecting the rights and opportunities currently available to all members of our academic community, and to do whatever is possible within the law to continue to identify, recruit, support and retain academic talent, at all levels, from around the world.

We are currently focused on potential changes to immigration laws, policies and practices that could affect the status and safety of U-M students and personnel, particularly international students and those who may be undocumented. This includes several programs and policies that affect international students and faculty. Additionally, we are working to understand the implications on our community of the “extreme vetting” executive order blocking immigration from certain countries.

The statement also includes a number of specific commitments with regard to student privacy.

The university’s actions related to immigration status are consistent with our long-standing positions on non-discrimination, privacy and public safety. Those are:

  • The University of Michigan welcomes and supports students without regard to their immigration status. We will continue to admit students in a manner consistent with our non-discrimination policy. Once students are admitted, the university is committed to fostering an environment in which each student can flourish.
  • The university complies with federal requirements associated with managing its international programs. Otherwise, the university does not share sensitive information like immigration status.
  • Campus police do not inquire about or record immigration status when performing their duties.
  • In accordance with federal law, the enforcement of immigration law rests with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection. Campus police will not partner with federal, state, or other local law enforcement agencies to enforce federal immigration law except when required to do so by law.
  • The university maintains a strong commitment to the privacy of student records for all students, consistent with state and federal laws. We do not provide information on immigration status to anyone except when required by law.
  • The university offers in-state tuition to undocumented students who meet certain conditions.
  • The university offers confidential counseling services to all students.

President Schlissel speaks for the whole university community with these words. In particular, the policies of the University of Michigan-Dearborn are governed by the commitments expressed in this announcement.

The University of Michigan-Dearborn welcomes and values the international members of our community, and we will continue to do everything in our power to ensure that their engagement at the university is as rewarding, inclusive, and unburdened as possible. President Schlissel has created an Immigration Policy Committee to provide advice to university leadership and to assist in problem-solving around ongoing and emergency issues of immigration and international education. Professor Sally Howell represents UM-Dearborn on this committee.


Dan Little

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