What is Citizenship?

active, involved, voting, having a voice in society, create change, appeal to voted-in officials to change views, having guaranteed rights, being aware of current events, responsibility of what’s happening at state and etc levels and what’s happening around you, knowledge about your country and etc, choose citizenship beyond given rights, follow your beliefs to change things for the better, invest in what you care about, being a part of a country/rights/privileges, culture, being active by going to court and fighting for change, being informed about local and federal politics/gov’t/ issues/etc, act of being involved in society, aware of events around world to get more perspectives and opinions, duties and obligations to fulfill, give back to community or country, to be engaged formally or informally, social media talking to friends or co-workers, debates, voting, running for office, different people have different responsibilities to help community, taking pride, improving to better a community for yourself and for others, participation in politics, respect, equality, nonviolence, paying taxes, working, law, knowing what’s happening around you, access to resources, human right to partake in gov’t/city/state events/opportunities/etc, responsibility to follow laws/rules, to change laws that don’t benefit or perpetuate harm etc, educate oneself on issues in local and world community, taking care of others around you, common good, take action, protest

Detroit public schools: working toward better resources to support literacy for kids in the schools etc

Protecting the environment, animal facing extinction, addressing arguments about climate change, petition gov’t reps, CA water limits, college dorms shower/water conservation, more investment and spread of solar powered tech, charge for shopping bags, toll roads, address arguments about native land/oil/pipelines/safety/water

Being a good neighbor: trade between countries (participating in conversations, influencing political leaders about the good and bad of trade, etc), being welcoming especially to refugees, ACCESS event to fix houses in Detroit

Public transportation especially between urban and suburban areas; cost; benefits: those who live in cities can get to suburbs to work, more people using buses, environmental benefits via car reduction, more efficient (reduce cars, space, etc), provides more opportunities to people to move around, more interaction between members of communities

Running for public office: school board, mayor, city rep, treasurer, party reps

Being more socially aware of neighborhood/environment: get involved via social media, use that to speak out/listen in, video share, petitions, in-person conversations, informal participation can turn into formal participation, movements can start on SM and carry over into physical life, ice-bucket challenge (ALS) raised money and awareness, Trump uses social media to spread info, potential for social media to share/spread info, political organizations on Twitter, ACCESS organizing on SM and holding events, talks, etc in person

Be active by going to events to learn more and get involved, donate time, start locally, meet others, connect/network, build community

Be educated in order to be able to talk about things, know more, make your own informed opinion based on information/multiple perspectives, education helps society economically and in other ways, contribute to society in productive ways etc, learn more to be involved and participate (eg run for major by talking to people and learning about issues in your community)

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