Assignments and Grading

Assignments and Grading

Canvas Homework, Blog Posting, In-class writing,

Paper Drafts for in class Workshops                                         60-100 points

*Summary Assignment                                                                 50

*Analysis Assignment                                                                    50

*Personal Essay                                                                                50

Mind Map and Proposal Assignment                                       25

Final Essay Final Draft                                                                     25

Final Essay Final                                                                                25


**Final E-Portfolio                                                                     50


***Total                                                                                     up to 400  points possible


Attendance may also affect your final grade.

*You may choose to revise one of these papers to turn in for a possible better grade. If you would like to revise, please set up a time to talk to me about your revision plan.

**The Final Project will be due as an electronic portfolio. We will spend time over the course of the semester working on personal blogs that will include or be revised to become the final Project. No previous blogging experience is required but an openness to learning and to working in new media for writing and revising is necessary.

***It is your responsibility to keep track of your assignments and grades in order to know how you are progressing over the course of the semester. Calculate your total earned points divided by total possible points, and don’t rely on Canvas final grades which change depending on how the settings default in your Canvas.

Quizzes or in-class writing can’t be made up if you are absent. Papers must be handed in/uploaded on their due dates; late papers may be given reduced or no grades. For emergencies or extenuating circumstances please talk to me about getting an extension before the due date.

High scoring papers (A and B range) are well above average in their sophistication, focus, development, and organization of ideas and in their effective use of language and style of writing. Papers that receive a mid-range grade are functioning at a basic level and often show less clear focus, may include some undeveloped ideas, and may utilize awkward language and grammatical or mechanical problems that distract from the flow of the essay. Failing papers may not meet the requirements of the assignment, have seriously underdeveloped ideas, or include an excessive accumulation of language errors that may make the paper generally unintelligible.
Grading Scale (calculate points earned out of points possible to see your percent grade, and translate that into the corresponding letter grade)

A     100 – 93
A-     92 – 90
B+     89 – 87
B     86 – 83
B-     82 – 80
C+     79 – 77
C     76 – 73
C-     72 – 70
D+     69 – 67
D     66 – 63
D-     62 – 60
F     Below 60


Plagiarism and Academic Integrity: Writing students are required to cite sources according to academic conventions and to understand the institutional definition of plagiarism. Academic misconduct, including plagiarism, is subject to disciplinary action, according to the UM-D Statement of Student Rights and Code of Student Conduct ( The University considers plagiarism a violation of policy and a serious ethical breach. Plagiarism is defined as “submitting as one’s own any work which, in part or whole, is not entirely one’s own work without properly attributing it to its correct source.” Sanctions may include failing the course and possible expulsion. Plagiarism encompasses both deliberate cheating as well as failure to cite sources properly. In this and other classes, never download a paper from an online paper mill, have someone else do work for you, copy and paste passages from articles into your own writing, or use anybody else’s words or ideas without attribution.

Writing Center: The Writing Center provides support for all UM-Dearborn students wishing to improve their writing. Students needing regular one-on-one help in developing basic writing skills, as well as more advanced students wishing to improve their writing, will find the center useful. The center is located in 3035 CB with smaller satellites on the second floor of Mardigian Library and Fairlane Center North 138. The center tries to accommodate walk-ins but prefers students make appointments online at